I have decided to ditch apple for good. This is a weird feeling because I have owned nothing but macs for over a decade. A lot of people have asked me why, so I decided to just write a post about it.

To start with, let’s talk about why I switched to mac in the first place. I had been using Linux since 1992 when SuSE 1.0 was released. If you remember the SuSE 1.0 days, then you realize that Linux was frustrating. It never had the drivers you needed except for older hardware and it crashed a lot. Because of this, I had DOS too, but even at 12 years old I didn’t like the way Microsoft did their operating system and I “wanted” Linux to work.

Fast forward a few years and Apple switched to Intel and OSX 10 ran on a BSD kernel and had bash by default. I actually bought a mac mini in college to mess around with, but it ended up working so well it became my main computer. I ended up swapping it out for an iMac, and eventually a MacBook Pro. I was so excited to get that MBP so I could be portable.

My first MBP was an amazing computer. It was a 2006, core 2 duo, and fit in my backpack. My work laptop at the time was a T-40, and the MBP was just built better. The keyboard had a great feeling, the trackpad worked way better, and the screen was much higher quality.

I eventually upgraded to a late 2011 17”. And it was amazing too! I actually miss that laptop the most of any I’ve ever owned. Nice big screen, yet light enough to carry around. It had 16GB of memory and a 1TB SSD. But, it was getting old. The battery was dying, and the keyboard was getting worn out. I got a chance to upgrade with a huge discount on a new one, so I decided to do it.

I sold my 2011 and bought a maxed out 2015. And that thing SUCKED. It had the worst keyboard of any laptop I’ve ever owned. The space bar had to be POUNDED to work and barely worked unless you hit it right in the center. All the keys randomly didn’t work from time to time, and the travel on the keys was just bad. The trackpad was even worse. The fancy new “force touch.” I told myself it was like the touchscreen keyboard on cellphones and I’d get used to it, maybe even learn to love it. So I gave it 3 months, but I found myself hating it more and more as time went on. What was apple thinking? The last straw was buying my wife a 250 dollar Chromebook and upon receiving it realizing that the keyboard and trackpad on it were infinitely better than the Apple that costs more than 10x as much, not acceptable!

Then they released the 2016 models and I knew exactly what they were thinking. Even bigger force touch, even worse keyboard, still only 16GB of memory, and all in the name of thinness. Apple is no longer concerned with building the amazing best of bread laptops they did from 2006 to 2011, dang! At the same time, Linux has come a LONG ways on the desktop.

So I sold my MBP and ordered a Purism Librem 15. In the meantime, I’m running Linux on an old Dell Inspiron 15 i3 and it is working just fine. I was a little nervous about selling my MBP and having only a Linux computer again after more than 10 years. But it’s working out great, and I just don’t see myself spending the money on Apple ever again…