I’m Joshua Austill. I am a full stack developer that is certified in MongoDB and C#. However, I spend most of my time currently
writing in nodejs and knockoutjs. I don’t normally have a ton to say, but once in awhile I feel like writing something down.

I grew up in the 80’s when 8088’s where new and exciting, and turbo buttons made games go so fast you couldn’t play them. I remember hearing that a 10MB drive was insane, nobody could EVER have that amount of data in a million billion years. It was magical however the first time I got DOS to boot from that hard drive. I could use a computer without a floppy disk, like crazy exciting!

My first experience with Linux was around 1992 when Suse 1.0 was released. My aunt sent me an install disc. I don’t remember much about it except the box was green and it took me MONTHS to get it working. There was no audio, but I had X windows!